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Carol Danvers pilots a spaceship in The Marvels

Is Marvel in Turmoil?

Variety has just published a bombshell report regarding the current state of Marvel. This story should not shock anyone who has been reading MarvelBlog for a while, but it’s generated headlines across social media....

Loki watches the Sacred Timeline collapse in Loki season two, episode four

Let’s Talk about Loki Episode 2-4

What if we had a Loki episode where people died? What if these people were characters we knew and not just random redshirts? For that matter, what if we had a Loki episode where...

Miss Minutes doesn't care about your power pellets in Loki season two!

Let’s Talk about Loki Episode 2-3

So, Kang is back. What’s the least possible thing you’d imagine following that statement? Kang appears in a zany episode. We’ve got a record scratch or two to discuss, so let’s talk about Loki...