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Andy Serkis and Venom model 0

MarvelBlog News for January 10th, 2022

This week, a vampire’s history repeats itself. Also, an alarming report surfaces just as hope arises about a supposedly dead franchise. The sick and undead drive the conversation in the latest MarvelBlog News. Morbius...


The Perfect Ghost Rider Awaits the MCU

With 2021 and the dominance of Spider-Man: No Way Home capping one of the most successful years in the history of the MCU, the continued development of Phase Five and beyond is well underway;...


In Memoriam: Deadpool’s #1 Crush, Betty White

In an article posted to TMZ, it was reported that the legendary actress Betty White is dead at the age of 99. According to the article, law enforcement sources contacted TMZ to inform them...