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Hawkeye Poster 0

Hawkeye Trailer Released!

We woke up to a surprise this morning! Not only do we now have a trailer for Hawkeye, but a new poster and release date as well. A Very Hawkeye Holiday The series is...

Let's talks about What If Doctor Strange Supreme 1

Let’s Talk about What If…? Episode 1-4

Well, it had to happen sometime. After three full seasons of Marvel programs on Disney+, I finally watched one I didn’t like. Let’s talk about What If…? episode 1-4, subtitled What If… Doctor Strange...


MarvelBlog News for August 12th, 2021

Happy What If…? week, everyone! While we wait for the pilot episode, we have several exciting stories to discuss in this week’s MarvelBlog News! The Loki Update I’m going to tackle two subjects at...