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Fortnite Nexus War 0

New Marvel Landmarks in Fortnite

Marvel heroes have invaded The Island in Fortnite Season 4 – coined Nexus War – and week two has revealed several exciting new Marvel-themed locations. Season 4 brought with it an overhaul of Fortnite’s map....

Marvel 1

History of the MCU Part Nine

After the groundbreaking success of Black Panther, Marvel officials faced a challenging problem. The next film on the release schedule, Avengers: Infinity War, would kill off many superheroes, including a few from Wakanda. After...


Marvel Lists Scott Lang’s Lockdown Activities

File Under: Brilliant! Do you remember the old Guinness (beer) commercials? Well, that’s all I could respond with after reading Rachel Paige’s latest for Marvel.com: Here’s Everything Scott Lang Did Under House Arrest for...