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REVIEW: Magic Mystery Tour in Wastelanders: Doom #1

In Wastelanders: Doom #1 by Torunn Grønbekk, Julius Ohta, Bryan Valenza, and Cory Petit, with a main cover by Josemaria Casanovas, we get a tale set in the world of Wastelanders… and it’s focused...


REVIEW: Phoenix Song: Echo #3

In Phoenix Song: Echo #3 by Rebecca Roanhorse, Luca Maresca, Kyle Charles, Carlos Lopez, Bryan Valenza, and Ariana Maher, with a main cover by Cory Smith & David Curiel, Echo meets another host of...


REVIEW: Miles Arrives in Spider-Man #81.BEY

In Spider-Man #81.BEY by Saladin Ahmed, Carlos Gómez, Bryan Valenza, and Joe Caramagna, with a main cover by Arthur Adams and Romulo Fajardo Jr., we get to find out what happens when the Beyond...