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Marvel Tough Mudder 0

Tough Mudder Challenges: Marvel Edition

Marvel and Tough Mudder have teamed up to offer a virtual fitness adventure – Tough Mudder Challenges: Marvel Edition! Fans of Tough Mudder Challenges know that these fitness races stretch competitors’ physical and mental boundaries....

She-Hulk 2

Rumor: Alison Brie Cast as She-Hulk

An exciting rumor has emerged from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)! According to industry insiders, Alison Brie has been cast as She-Hulk. The rumor comes from YouTube channel Everything Always host and scoopster Michael...

Cooking with Favorite Super Heroes' 0

Cooking with Favorite Marvel Heroes

Marvel and BoxLunch today announced release of the Marvel Eat the Universe Collection. The new line of exclusive merchandise will enable fans to enjoy cooking with their favorite Marvel heroes! In the Kitchen with Marvel...