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Fortnite Marvel Season 1

Fortnite Season 4 Is Here!

Fortnite’s “Nexus War,” known by fans as the “Marvel Season,” has made its debut! In the new season – technically Chapter 2: Season 4 – Marvel super heroes join together to fight Galactus and...


Who Should Play Wolverine in the MCU?

For quite a while now, casting rumors have hinted at who may anchor the next roster of The Avengers. The core of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is undergoing changes as multi-movie actors move on...

X-Men 3

Happy 20th Anniversary, X-Men Cinematic Universe!

It’s hard to believe that today marks the X-Men Cinematic Universe’s 20th anniversary! X-Men was first released in theaters on July 14, 2000.¬†Featuring an impressive ensemble cast, the film introduced a world filled with...