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WandaVision Poster released on 12-4-20 0

Let’s Talk about WandaVision Episode 1-6

“She has the world’s only vibranium synthezoid playing Father-Knows-Best-In-Suburbia. What happens when he learns the truth?” Doctor Darcy Lewis posed this question last episode, allowing WandaVision to continue with its core purpose. The show...

West Coast Avengers Scarlet Witch Fighting Mephisto 2

Will WandaVision’s Big Bad Be Mephisto?

WandaVision Episode 4 – “We Interrupt This Program” – took audiences outside the Westview static and into the real world. And away from the idealized sitcom world of Westview, the Disney+ series dropped even...

WandaVision Poster released on 12-5-20 0

Let’s Talk about WandaVision Episode 1-4

After 18 months on pause, the Marvel Cinematic Universe just exploded into action after its unplanned hiatus. The advancement of the Phase Four story happened in the least predictable way, as a sitcom suddenly...