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A Very Long Engagement 0

MarvelBlog News for January 24th, 2022

An actor in an upcoming Marvel release has died after a tragic accident. We’ll discuss this heartbreaking subject in MarvelBlog News. Who Is Gaspard Ulliel? Actress Audrey Tautou was at the height of her...

Andy Serkis and Venom model 0

MarvelBlog News for January 10th, 2022

This week, a vampire’s history repeats itself. Also, an alarming report surfaces just as hope arises about a supposedly dead franchise. The sick and undead drive the conversation in the latest MarvelBlog News. Morbius...

Marvel 0

MarvelBlog News for August 24, 2020

A good director becomes Kraven, Olivia Wilde tweets spider emojis, Fortnite players cosplay the Avengers, and the world gets a real Quinjet. I’ll explain what all this means in the latest edition of MarvelBlog...