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MarvelBlog News for January 7, 2021

WandaVision and casting rumors/confirmations dominate this week’s MarvelBlog News. I’ll explain everything in the first edition of 2021. WandaVision Details Leaking The next Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) release will debut in less than two...

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MarvelBlog News for July 14, 2020

We’ve got a Comic-Con@Home update, some Punisher whispers, and a few tantalizing rumors in the latest edition of MarvelBlog News. Here’s what we know. The Sound of Silence Last week, I speculated about whether...

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MarvelBlog News for July 6, 2020

Later this month, Disney faces the pressure of the first online San Diego Comic-Con. So, what should fans expect? We’ll talk about realistic expectations, provide updates on some Disney+ shows, and some comments from...